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Turowski2 Architecture brings over 30 years of experience planning and designing Kindergarten through Grade 12 public schools in Massachusetts. Often one of the largest capital investments that a community will expend, we see school buildings as an extension of their community. Our goal is to design educationally appropriate spaces, allowing flexibility in teaching style and educational delivery, in energy efficient buildings that fit well within the local community of buildings and landscape, and which offer benefits to the wider community.


We are excellent listeners, and follow the lead of our clients, while guiding toward collaborative and consensus driven solutions.

Turowski2 Architecture brings over 30 years of experience in the planning and designing of publicly owned buildings. We have designed senior centers, fire stations, higher educational facilities, libraries, town offices, and state park facilities. Many of our projects are for repeat clients. We bring the same level of commitment to all of our projects, no matter the scope or cost.


Public projects require an early focus on priorities. T2 works with our clients to identify these priorities early in the process so that realistic expectations on scope and budget are set. We always work in a collaborative manner to arrive at the best architectural solutions that meet our client’s budgetary limits.

Turowski2 Architecture brings over 30 years of experience designing single residential homes ranging from small additions for needed space or improved functionality, to large renovations, additions as well as new construction. Our services can range from developing some design idea sketches to developing design and building permit drawings to full design and construction related services. Our level of involvement all depends on the scope of your needs and budget.


We offer a complimentary scoping meeting with all potential clients to develop an understanding of the project you have in mind and also to explain our range of services and the design process.

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