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Accelerated Repair Projects

Worcester, MA


Completed: Summer 2014


Worcester Schools Accelerated Repair Project

included window, door and boiler replacements,

as well as miscellaneous envelope repairs and

ADA improvements to 5 City schools including:


May Street School circa 1926 (windows and doors)

Lakeview School circa 1922 (windows and doors)

Chandler Magnet School circa 1951(windows and doors)

New Citizens Center circa 1962 (windows, doors and boiler)

Jacob Hiatt School circa 1952(boiler)


Turowski2 was contracted in September 2012 to

develop design of system replacements for each of

these schools.  Under the Massachusetts School

Building Authority (MSBA) Accelerated Repair Program,

T2 submitted schematic design documentation in

November 2012 which received MSBA approval.

The project bid in March 2013.


The varying age and condition of each of the schools

required an individual response in terms of design and

implementation.  T2 developed four distinct window

systems each with sensitivity to the original structures. The May and Lakeview Schools are designated historic

structures and required local Historic Commission

review and approval.  The Chandler School, though not

designated historic, had ties to renowned modern

architect Walter Gropius.  T2 took great care to develop a design for the school in keeping with its modern



The projects are in construction and expected to be

completed in Summer 2014.

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